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We offer custom hand blown glass pipes including water pipes, bongs, color changing glass pipes and liquid vortex pipes. Mystic Pipes has a unique selection of hand blown glass pipes at retail and wholesale prices.
Wholesale glass pipes and retail glass pipes
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A Mystic Pipes original design!

A great one-hitter pipe that is incased around colorful sparkly liquid that play fully moves and swirls as it is moved about. A great little pipe for easy travel and incognito. Water-cooled technology at it's finest.

Available for wholesale and retail

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Inside OUT glass pipes
Custom glass pipes
Custom glass pipes :Lava lightning Reversal

inside out glass pipe made technique. A unique color changing effect glass pipe.

Custom glass pipes : Wizma reversal spoon


Solid color encasement with a nice spiral on the end. With a beautiful marble .

Mini Headie Hammers
Twister Bats
Hand held glass pipes : Twister Spoons
Hand held glass pipes : Twister Spoons


Solid color encasement spoons. The perfect size and the best precision colors.

All twisted UP.

Encasements bats

Solid color encasement bats, AKA - chillums, one hitters, oney's.

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Custom glass pipes :Lava lightning Reversal custom glass pipes Hand held glass pipes : Twister Spoons bats : encasement glass pipes Wig-wag bats/chillum Custom pipes Big bubble action
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Encasement glass pipe Inside out glass pipes Encasement glass pipe
Bubbler of the Month
A full size, big sherlock bubbler


Aqua reversal- bubbler,
WOW!a really sweet heady sherlock bubbler. Stands tall with its 4 section combination. 2 reversal sections and silver seaweed frit.

Hot new item
Bead Bats
Looks like a bead, smokes whereever you need!


Bead Bats [glass pipes] Bead Bats [glass pipes]